Of late, we’ve been workin’ on several sites that were built by others more than a couple years ago. Some way back in 2015. Now I know that’s only 8 calendar years, but in web years, well that’s like eons. And they all use custom-coded PHP templates which makes it a little more difficult when we try to update things. Seems every coder codes a little differently and in order to get things done, you have to adopt their mindset. Or maybe a complete redesign or reboot makes more sense.

Which isn’t always easy. Kinda like when maybe you’re remodelin’ the bathroom and your plumber looks at somethin’, shakes his head and says “Hmmm. Wonder what made them think that was a good idea?” At which point, you pretty much know the price just went up a tick or two.


It’s tough to second guess someone else’s thought process. And even though it’s a “best practice” to comment code for future generations, not everyone does. Heck Timmy, even if they did, it probably wouldn’t be much count because oft times coders are known to update code but not their comments. Which makes things even more mystifyin’ – and here’s the biggie – considerably more time-consuming. And time is money.

Sure, we’ll eventually get to the bottom of things. But like I mentioned a few weeks ago that journey can be treacherous and costly. I’m not gonna belabor it again, but if you didn’t read that piece, it might be worth takin’ a couple of minutes.

Largely because it brings me to my topic for today.

At what point do you look at somethin’ and just figure enough is enough? Lots of things to consider and often a difficult decision.


A key factor: If you’re keen on bringin’ the routine updates in-house, which often makes good sense, then maybe it’s an easier decision. Not that what we do is rocket science. But if we’re havin’ issues with the way things are coded and you don’t have a fulltime developer on board, that might be a sign that you’ve reached the point where it’s time to budget for a redesign or reboot.

If that’s not feasible, maybe there are a few pages that you update regularly that we can re-create, makin’ them a little more user-friendly. Situations vary and takin’ that approach sometimes feels like little more than a band aid. But sometimes that’s the best option. I just look back at some of the things I’ve patched two or three times in my life, only to discover I’da been money ahead if I’da bit the bullet and fixed it right the first time.


Do you feel like you’ve been throwin’ money down a hole with no bottom because this is a recurrin’ theme? Or maybe it feels like your people are already stretched thin and you want a site that’s easier to maintain. Maybe it’s time for a redesign or reboot.

Whatever the circumstances or the path you decide to take, we’ll do our best to make it easy for you. Life’s just too short elsewise, inn’t Timmy?


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