Time to Redesign or Reboot?

2024-01-14T14:40:33-05:00By Brent Meacham|

Of late, we’ve been workin’ on several sites that were built by others more than a couple years ago. Some way back in 2015. Now [...]

The Importance of Backups

2024-01-18T08:45:33-05:00By Brent Meacham|

I’ve preached about the importance of backups and makin’ sure all the data on whatever computer(s) you operate is safely backed up. Over the [...]

Stock Photography

2024-01-14T14:47:34-05:00By Brent Meacham|

I’ve written about stock photography in my blogs a few times. Mostly about the AI, algorithms, curation, keywords or whatever drives the image search and [...]

Writin’ Blogs is Hard

2024-03-25T15:59:09-04:00By Brent Meacham|

Now I know anybody who writes for a livin’ might not agree that writin' blogs is hard. Especially the real writers. But Timmy knows. Tongue in [...]

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