Working Remotely

2024-01-14T15:09:47-05:00By Brent Meacham|

I think it’s safe to say the onset of the pandemic fundamentally changed the way we do a lot of things. For my part, it’s [...]

Matters of Expertise

2024-01-14T15:10:16-05:00By Brent Meacham|

I’m often amazed at how well people do their jobs. Like when I call someone to do some work for me here around the [...]

Do you Suffer from OTTO?

2024-01-14T15:10:58-05:00By Brent Meacham|

We’re gonna start with a story today because Timmy likes stories. Especially mine. And my acronym “OTTO” will be clear somewhere near the end [...]

What’s ‘IN’ for 2023?

2024-01-14T15:11:30-05:00By Brent Meacham|

Well here we are again Timmy. Another year is in the books and we’re looking forward to seein’ all the hip things that the [...]

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