Lessons Learned in 2022

2024-01-14T15:12:02-05:00By Brent Meacham|

Wow. This was a quick year. Seems like it started just yesterday. But there were weeks – like the one that spawned When it Rains. [...]

Trust the Process

2024-01-14T15:12:31-05:00By Brent Meacham|

For a lot of years, I’ve heard people say “trust the process” and I’ve always wondered why anyone would just blindly do that. I [...]

Oh the Irony of it All

2024-01-14T15:13:05-05:00By Brent Meacham|

Irony falls into classes. Some is amusing. Some is bitter. Some is sad. Most falls into the category of “Things that go bump in my [...]


2024-04-10T15:20:59-04:00By Brent Meacham|

Before we get started, let me make one thing abundantly clear. I am NOT a lawyer. Heck, I don’t even play on the internet anymore. [...]

Proper Backlinks

2024-01-14T15:14:16-05:00By Brent Meacham|

Sometimes when I start out on a blog, I feel like I have one oar in the water. I have an idea of where I’m [...]

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