Failure to Launch

2024-01-14T15:41:49-05:00By Brent Meacham|

When I was a little kid, Mom would often let me stay home from school when there were rockets being launched and men were going [...]

Failure to Communicate

2024-01-14T15:42:28-05:00By Brent Meacham|

Many of you will remember the experiment in which you participated where the person leading the event whispered a very short story to the next [...]

Website by Committee

2024-01-14T15:42:54-05:00By Brent Meacham|

I’ve served on several committees over the course of my lifetime, and I’m pretty sure at least one of those committees accomplished something significant, although [...]

Thanks to Henry

2024-01-14T15:43:14-05:00By Brent Meacham|

I don’t really know what Henry looks like, but I imagine him to be quite nondescript, outwardly appearing much like an average fellow. I figure [...]

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