Murphy’s Law of Practical Limits

2024-01-14T15:43:34-05:00By Brent Meacham|

After spending what some might see as an inordinate amount of time on things other than Murphy’s Laws, I’m back at it this week. Today, [...]

What Time Is It?

2024-01-14T15:44:12-05:00By Brent Meacham|

Okay. I could’ve just as easily titled this one “Why Do 90% of the People Who Make ‘How To’ YouTube Videos Feel Like They [...]

Running with Scissors

2024-01-14T15:44:56-05:00By Brent Meacham|

We’ve all done it. And you’re probably gonna say that you haven’t. You listened to your mom. Okay. I’ll give you that one. So [...]

Give Me the Scissors

2024-01-14T15:45:34-05:00By Brent Meacham|

I like to tell a story on myself about the time I decided to try cutting my own hair. Come to find out, I’m not [...]

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