2K20 Digital – Web Design & Development

Friendly web design and development from start to finish.

Whether you’re just jumping into the digital ocean, or you’ve been sailing about longer than Santiago in his search for the magnificent marlin, we can help you navigate these ever-changing and sometimes treacherous waters. One thing we know for sure is that the currents are constantly changing and what worked yesterday might not work today. And even though we haven’t seen him in awhile, we’re pretty sure the giant octopus is still lurking…

We offer a well-rounded suite of services including web design/development, content management, graphic design, e-commerce setup/maintenance and site recovery if things ever go wrong. But given that we believe in constant monitoring and regular maintenance, we drastically reduce the odds of such an implosion. And we should probably mention that we love optimizing your site for speed because the need for speed is real.

To sum it all up – we’re dedicated, diligent and determined and we’ll always give you our best to help keep you on course as you sail serenely across your piece of the digital ocean. And hopefully, we’ll make a few friends and have a couple three laughs along the way.

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